And there ain’t no flags

Too often we take for granted in college and pro sports that TV game announcers mask their allegiances to teams under the guise of just wanting to watch a super duper game, and that everyone’s a winner—especially whichever team actually wins. Of course it’s bullshit, but them’s the unspoken rules.

Not so with high school sports. Announcers on local TV stations make no bones about whom they’re rooting for, objectivity be damned. Case in point, the decidedly melodramatic call of the end of this football game between two Arkansas high schools, the Batesville High Pioneers versus the Wynne High Yellowjackets.

PERTINENT FACTS:  Less than a minute left in the game. The Pioneers trail the Yellowjackets 13-10, and the Yellowjackets are within a loogie spit’s distance of another score. Guess which team these two announcers support…

There’s so much to love about this clip. The “TOUCHDOWN” fireworks/pixie dust graphic that explodes across the screen is just classic. Then there’s the scoreboard at the top of the screen, which changes from 10-13 to 14-13 after Michael Showalter shocks the world. Um, aren’t touchdowns worth 6 points? I’m no mathematical whiz, but it seems like it should be 16-13. Guess the scoreboard operator got swept up in the hj-fest happening in the announcer booth, and just forgot how to add.

Sure it’s a great play and nifty turn of events, but the sheer, unbridled passion unleashed by these TV announcers takes this clip to a whole other, way awesomer level that you don’t have to be a sports fan to appreciate. Thank you for being so candid with your emotions, gentlemen.


~ by zactopia on October 21, 2010.

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