I don’t even know who you are anymore, owl

It’s called a white-faced scops owl, it’s indigenous to Africa, and it’s got one funky-ass defense mechanism (well, two actually).

See, being a predator of a mere 20 cm stature (< 8 inches) means sometimes you become a predatee to bigger owls. So, depending how much bigger that owl is, the white-faced scops owl transforms itself accordingly:

How frickin’ awesome is that sucked-in Blue Steel look? Very frickin’ awesome, says I.

What’s truly fascinating is, with the first transformation the owl tries to intimidate the slightly larger owl (duh); with the second response, however, the owl actually tries to hide by elongating itself and emulating a tree branch (albeit a rotating tree branch), not Dracula. Personally, I think the Dracula response looks way more diabolical than the other defense mechanism and looks nothing like a tree branch. But I’m no owl, so what the fuck do I know?


~ by zactopia on October 22, 2010.

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