Let’s do mushrooms

Holy fungus. This is some dank shit.

Who knew mushrooms had the potential to replace plastic (if not fully, at least enough to eliminate that unholy single-use, petrol-based, OSHA-controlled, possibly carcinogenic, certainly nonbiodegradable polystyrene foam—better known as Styrofoam)? Not this guy. Looks like psilocybin may lose its designation as the “most profoundly awesome thing mushrooms can do” (depending, of course, on what you value elevating more—your consciousness or your conscience).

Eben Bayer and his co-conspirators discovered an organic, living adhesive in mycelium, which turns agriwaste (a/k/a feedstock) into a foam-like material for packaging and insulation. Whilst Eben’s presentation skills could be more riveting, the content and process will leave you agog with wonder.


~ by zactopia on October 24, 2010.

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