Not just for kicks

Finally, someone from Harvard does something intelligent.

Thanks to four brainy engineering broads in Cambridge, the beautiful game could soon become the beautiful power source.

They call it a sOccket. It’s a soccer ball that stores energy by doing what soccer balls do best—get kicked. When the sOccket gets booted or jostled in any way, it moves around a magnet inside a coil (called an inductive coil) and charges a super capacitor. Where normal balls have a valve to add more air, the sOccket has a DC adaptor-compatible port—allowing everything from a light bulb to a mobile phone to be run from the energy stored inside.

To be sure, sOccket’s inventors never intended it to be used much by mobile phone-toting denizens. It was conceived to help those in developing countries—where soccer is rampant, über-toxic kerosene lamps are the main source of indoor light and less than 25% of the people have access to reliable electricity. In just 15 minutes of play, the sOccket stores enough energy to power a small LED light for 3 hours.

Friggin’ brilliant.


~ by zactopia on October 25, 2010.

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