Mobile hoarding: it’s all the rage in China

After regarding this sampling of latter-day daguerreotypes from French photographer Alain Delorme’s latest exhibit, Totems, I now think that if a war ever happens with China, fuck missiles. You better watch out for psychotic bikers and rickshaw runners carrying massive, teetering loads. Think I’m joking? Judge for yourself. This shit falls on you, you dead.

Delorme’s exhibit of these Shanghai assassins is being exhibited (as exhibits are wont to do) at the Magda Dansyz Gallery in Paris until September 25th. So if you’re bored off your ass in Paris, A) you suck; and B) go see this exhibit. It looks pretty darn awesome.

(this man is obviously Jewish; wait, are those pig heads on a stick? who buys that?)

(not sure of the chinstrap’s purpose here.)

(bikes are for pussies; this looks like something out of the World’s Strongest Man competition.)


~ by zactopia on October 28, 2010.

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