Is it a cup holder? Yes. Is it a handy storage nook for your remote control? Indeed it is. What about a place to stash your weed? Well, duh. Might it serve as a snug bookend for a single tome? Oui. Or perchance a makeshift cock pocket in a pinch? You bet-zler, sicko.

Above all things, however, Japanese architect Daisuke Motogi’s deceptively named Lost in Sofa is an armchair. And a damn comfy one by the looks of it.

As its name suggests, Lost in Sofa has the intentionally designed ability to “lose” objects—or rather, to hide or to store them within the profusion of small fluffy squares that make up the chair’s exterior.

My, what multi-talented crevices you have:

The cleverly functional notion smacked Motogi’s cerebellum after he perceived how small things so easily get lost under or inside sofas—so why not create furniture that would inherently serve this purpose? Further proof that one man’s infuriating black hole is another man’s inspiration. Killer design, Daisuke.

by dint of freshome


~ by zactopia on November 28, 2010.

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