Quit for them

Just finished shooting (in Casper, WY) and production (in Denver, CO) on this anti-smoking campaign for Wyoming Dept of Health. Way more serious than most of my oeuvre. I’m pretty darn proud of it. Emote as you deem appropriate…

MILDLY ENTHRALLING BACKSTORY:   Fact:  the average smoker dies 14 years earlier than they should (unless they’re a total prick who would do humanity a solid by dying sooner than they ought to). But rather than rehash well-trodden anti-tobacco creative (albeit damn good creative, mind you) with a slightly different execution to let people know the obvious—that cigarettes suck ass—we went straight after the people cigarettes affected most. And I don’t mean smokers.

See, in a libertarian state of exceedingly independent people who don’t want nobody intervening in their personal decisions, the only way to get a Wyomingite to stop smoking is to let them know that their actions hurt others—more especially, people they care about. So we asked Wyoming citizens to be brave and real and make a personal plea to a loved one who smoked, telling them what they’ll miss about them when they die from smoking.

Because every time someone dies from smoking, they leave behind someone who really misses them. After poring over nearly 12 hours of footage, here’s what we got:








“Miss You”



~ by zactopia on December 28, 2010.

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