Laugh, dammit!

People without a sense of humor don’t deserve to exist. That’s not an opinion; it’s a scientific fact. If you disagree, then maybe you don’t believe in science. And if that’s the case, move to Wasilla and talk about the good ol’ days when people turned into pillars of salt and humans rode dinosaurs.

But I digress. How can you not guffaw at the shenanigans of one “Mr. Haberny” here, as depicted by the surly, joyless litigators at

Apparently, Señor Haberny made a habit of sending gold-painted rocks to the idol-worshipers at, along with colorful backstories regarding the circumstances by which he came to possess these priceless nuggets. Additionally, Herr Haberny sought several rather unorthodox forms of compensation for his special rocks, including a birthday party at McDonald’s, and an unspecified activity in the company of Ed McMahon.

And yet, somehow these soulless shysters failed to see any humor in it whatsoever.

What a damn, damn terrific cease and desist request. Bless you, Mr. Haberny. The world needs more rapscallions like you.


by dint of JWZ


~ by zactopia on January 7, 2011.

One Response to “Laugh, dammit!”

  1. I think we should blame the Amish.

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