Who needs 3D glasses when you can make your eyelids spasm?

Pity those without eyelids, for in the future they will never be able to watch a movie in 3D (short films inclusive).

Or don’t pity them at all. Because frankly, after watching this demonstration of visual pioneer Francois Vogel’s newfangled, 3D glasses-less technology, a Jonathan Post Experiment (Post being a creation of Vogel’s), I’m kind of creeped out by eyelids.

Vogel invented a system to make movies look 3D without the hassle of eyewear. Personally, I’d rather be encumbered by the glasses. Surely convulsive blinking for extended periods of time can’t be beneficial to your orbs, let alone in the long run. Either that, or we’re all going to have six-pack eyelids in the future—at least, those with eyelids will:

by dint of Denver Egotist


~ by zactopia on January 18, 2011.

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