Brutally simple

Nearly tripped over (figuratively, not psychedelically) this rather spiffy and dark silhouette art (clarification: the silhouette is white, the humor is dark, the irony is evident) by Wilhelm Staehle, from his blogallery (a blog that serves to showcase one’s own work, obviously; and no, the word didn’t exist until this very moment), Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre.

And I’m pretty glad I did (nearly trip, that is). Here are some gems.

I thoroughly dig and admire Herr Staehle’s simple design, and his juxtaposition of empty space against Victorian-style art and textures. Regarding his attempt at dark humor, let me say it this way—he could use a good, acerbic writer to collaborate with, and I think he might be onto something much bigger and better—in the vein of someecards, perhaps.  Most of the copy (not shown here) in his silhouetted oeuvre is a little too obvious and punning for my pseudo-discerning taste. But the ones that hit the mark make my soul snicker.

With all due humility, Wilhelm—if you’d like some help, give me a shout.


~ by zactopia on January 21, 2011.

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