World’s classiest kill

There’s something utterly perfect about this clip.

Perhaps it’s the graceful, balletic arc of the fox’s leap. Perhaps it’s the fox’s calculated certitude and unerring strike. Or perhaps it’s the stark minimalism of Yellowstone’s wintry backdrop. Perhaps it’s all of these things.

Whatever it may be, I’ve never seen a life taken so elegantly. That one animal meets a violent end here doesn’t break the peace of the moment at all. It actually seems to enhance it.

If you can, please watch the clip more than once. It gets better and more soothing with repeated viewings.

Unless you’re a mouse, anyone who feels ill will towards foxes after watching this should really consider lithium—or at the very least, a lobotomy. Because the fox is one classy animal.

WORTHY TANGENT:  In fact, one night I was biking my dog Mingus through the park in Denver, when we came upon a fox. At first I was apprehensive, because: A) you never know what contagion these wild animals can carry; and B) Mingus, who’s pinned and battled coyotes before (only after they attacked him, mind you), was champing at the bit to chase this fox (I made him sit at a distance from it, for both animals’ safety).

Normally, with a 73-lb. Mingus whingeing like mad and me right behind him on a bike, most animals would skedaddle without delay. But not this fox. It actually approached Mingus slowly, sized him up, then—to my astonishment—did an obvious play bow, several times. The fox actually wanted to play with my dog! So, I let him. How could I not? Of course, the fox was far quicker and more agile than Mingus, so Ming never came close to touching him. But they chased each other for a good 15 minutes. It was completely unreal and unassailably cool. I only wish I had a camera on me at the time.

(file photo of Mingus relieving himself near Grand Teton Nat’l Park, sans fox)

Point being, foxes rule.

Thanks to Lauren Ranke for bringing this oh-so-comforting-and-deadly fantastic fox feat to my attention (the video, that is).


~ by zactopia on January 27, 2011.

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