Bloody terrific

If you don’t find this the most surefire, straight-shooting marketing tactic ever created, then you may want to check your soul for a pulse.

Galactically inspired Swedish ad shop Åkestam.Holst wears the awesome pants once again, conceiving an immoderate product test to help demonstrate Playground Outdoor Equipment Store’s vast arsenal of bug repellent gear.

Playground created an in-store mosquito farm in their downtown Stockholm store, dubbing it The Big Mosquito Party. Bold customers were then encouraged to test the store’s mosquito-resistant line of gear in this enclosure, offering a 1% discount for each bite people received inside.

(click image to gasp at a larger, more legible version)

Or if you prefer to see it at 24 frames per second, check out this marginally exclusive, exceptionally cool behind-the-scenes video Åkestam.Holst put together.

What a wildly original, thrifty PR magnet of a way to get people to interact with Playground’s products—even if it does have a subtle streak of 1984 in it (albeit the torture is slightly more self-induced).

Revolting has never been so awesome. You so totally rock, Swedish smart people.

Client: Playground Outdoor Equipment Store
Agency: Åkestam.Holst, Stockholm
Creative Director: Andreas Ullenius
Art Director: Lars Holthe
Copywriter: Hanna Björk
Editing Director: Nisse Axman
Graphic Designer: Oscar Gardö
Other: Viktor Wätterbäck, Björn Gustafsson, Anna Lundqvist, Kalle Åkestam, Johan Wahlberg


~ by zactopia on January 29, 2011.

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