I can’t remember what this is about

Losing your memory has got to suck big-time. You spend your whole life collecting experiences and knowledge that become interwoven in the fabric of who you are, only to have them ripped to shreds at the most inopportune time. What’s worse, Alzheimer’s usually begins to deteriorate your mind at an age when you’ve finally accrued enough memories to impart meaningful wisdom for a change.

What kind of bullshit is that?

But perhaps the most painfully ironic part about Alzheimer’s is (at least in the early and middle stages), some miraculously intact and masochistic vestige of your memory never fails to remind you that you once knew what you now forgot—twisting the knife even more.

That said, let us heap memorable praises upon DraftFCB Hamburg for this simple-yet-wildly-impactful execution for the Alzheimer Society Hamburg.

To underscore what it’s like to suffer from Alzheimer’s, DraftFCB placed blank, nameless Hamburg city maps at hotels, restaurants, bars and other tourist information points—thus reaching people precisely at the moment when they needed orientation most.

Clean, spot-on and exemplary work, mein fraus und herren.

(click below to dilate)

Brand:  Alzheimer’s Society
Agency:  DraftFCB, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Director:  Alexandra Höhn
Copywriter:  Thomas Völker
Art Director:  Malte Timm


~ by zactopia on March 10, 2011.

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