To-don’t list

For those yearning to feel less shallow than you actually are, take a juicy peek at this to-do list—lost by one unfortunate San Diegan bartender and found by the internet.

It appears to tell one hell of a story—from bodice-ripping romance with multiple partners to obsession to external rebirth to sizable drug problem. It’s truly perfect, in a Less Than Zero kind of way.

If only the rest of the world had such problems to worry about.

Sadly, our protagonist seems only to have achieved one aspiration on her list before parting ways with it. And that Landon sounds like a real sonofabitch.

After losing this list, I sure hope she has the good sense to make another one—lest the downward spiral, relentless talk of Landon, pasty complexion, yellowing teeth, whoring, barflying and extracurricular drug use (i.e., outside of work) continue unabated. From the looks of it, and I’m just spiff-balling here, I’d say our princess is a touch compulsive. Moderation does not look to be her most redeeming attribute.

You know, until now I never realized just how much you can learn about a person’s true character (or, in this case, lack thereof) from a to-do list. Fucking fascinating. Mental note:  pay more attention to what my lists might tell people about me, should one ever fall into the wrong hands.

Postscript:  in case you were wondering (I sure was), I think Moondoggies is a sports bar in San Diego. Here’s their temporary website and menu.

Post-postscript:  “Narcos only @ work” = perhaps the most classic self-reminder ever.


~ by zactopia on March 13, 2011.

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