My new Captain America

The world needs heroes. And I’ve just found mine:  Tim “Wild Thang” Lepard.

The man is a national treasure. Just ask the adoring zealots who thronged to see him utter a few face-melting words at this Peoria Chiefs minor league baseball game (catering to your next thought, the Chiefs are a Class A club affiliated with the Chicago Cubs—and as of this posting they are 7-7 thus far into the season, riding high on a three-game win streak).

Those in attendance may not remember the score of the game or where they parked their van, but they do remember a little boy born in 1962 whose dream and goal was to own a monkey. And not just a monkey, but two monkeys, each wearing sequins whilst riding western-style on a dog.

Not to mention, his use of the Superman theme is a masterful touch, except for one thing:  Tim Lepard is better than Superman, because Tim Lepard is real.


~ by zactopia on April 22, 2011.

One Response to “My new Captain America”

  1. Gosh I’m almost whelmed by his story.

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