Most excellent signage: bears

SOMEWHAT RELEVANT CONTEXT: I and my lovely wife just moved to San Francisco not two days ago from Denver. I really dig signage, in a totally friends kind of way—unless, of course, you call glory holes “signage.” Great signage (which is often spectacularly bad) tells a story with its very existence. I also take pictures of this signage. Signage is an underused term, except in this paragraph. Let’s move on.

I had no idea the gay community of San Francisco was so socially stratified. I mean, why is this sign even necessary? Is it an inside joke that I just don’t get? Some form of subtle self-segregation? Or is it darn near overt discrimination? I was under the impression it was always bear season in the Castro.

Perhaps there’s a caste system at work here. Maybe an implied castigation of those unwilling to body-wax. Are there places where big hairy men are not welcome?

Whatever it is, I’m okay with not understanding.

One thing’s for sure:  So far, San Francisco = terrific signage. More on the way, so stay vigilant.


~ by zactopia on May 7, 2011.

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