A terrible choice

Okay, so I’ve been contributing marginally to San Francisco’s workforce for all of three days now, and on each of those days I’ve passed this regrettably named store en route to my office.

Perhaps it’s just me, but the name Sophia Choice is far too homophonous and can’t help but be lumped in with the heart-wrenching, wildly depressing and highly acclaimed 1982 motion picture, Sophie’s Choice.

In the movie (spoiler alert!), Meryl Streep (Sophie) plays a mother forced by a Nazi officer to make the harrowing choice of life for one of her children and death for the other upon arriving in Auschwitz. I saw the movie as a young boy, and that scene still haunts me to this day.

As uplifting as this all may sound, I assure you it’s a movie title utterly unfit for a gift shop.

I don’t care if Sophia Choice is the above storekeeper’s name (at least, I hope that’s the case; otherwise, it becomes an even more inexplicably appalling decision), you do not call it Sophia Choice Gift Shop. The sign might as well read:  “Shit gifts for one of your kids, but naught for the other. Sieg Heil!”

Just sayin’.


~ by zactopia on May 11, 2011.

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