Punctuate your head

Who knew a hang glider warning sign could be a specimen of design efficiency? Not this guy. Look at that pictogram. In warning sign artists’ circles, this is considered a masterpiece.

Before we get into the sordid details within the signage, you should know that I captured this tour de force at Fort Funston in San Francisco (yes, the name sounds like an E.coli-spattered, must-huff-turpentine-and-cut-myself-to-have-fun amusement park, but it’s actually a breathtakingly badass WWII bunker/Nat’l Recreation Area off the Pacific coast and the coolest place to bring your dog ever), and I’m still trying to wrap my head around what’s really happening within the sign.

Like, why is the hang gliding dude only holding and hooked into the left side of the control bar, and not the right side? Why is his right leg twice the thickness of his left? And why is his right shoulder cocked, like he just hurled his feces at the hastily retreating exclamation-faced guy? There’s something awfully suspect about the hang glider’s pose, man. Like he’s got some hidden agenda.

That said, this is more than a warning sign. It’s part cave painting. Part low rent North by Northwest rip-off. Part manifestation of inner demons.

Personally, I think the rusty blood dripped on the sign only adds to its effectiveness—as if to say, “this is what happened to the last idiot who loitered about the landing zone.”

If M.C. Escher designed a warning sign, it would look exactly like this. I mean, a head AND an exclamation point at the same time. Inconceivable.


~ by zactopia on August 4, 2011.

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