One girl No cup

Let me be perfectly honest—I’m neither a tween nor a teenage girl. There, I said it. Weight lifted.

Being neither of these demographics, I’m also not a fan of this dreck:

But I am a fan of attractive women. Like Nikki Reed, who apparently plays a biggish role in this Twilight business.

And now that I’ve seen Ms. Reed shine in this perfectly awesome 2-minute online film about the ways we can all give a shit whilst taking a shit—through the new website—I’m an even bigger fan (though still not enough to see Twilight).

Not sure whether is a teaser campaign for something bigger, but frankly I love it as is. The site even contains a shit-o-meter, featuring the most active shit-ivists. is one of those ideas I wish I had. Why? Because it’s a totally unconventional, original and exceedingly simple approach to charity marketing. And best of all it asks for nothing more than your 140-character-or-less donation, to tell the world you give a shit about any or all of the injustices plaguing our planet.

Visitors are encouraged to tweet what they care about with the hashtag #giveashit. The way I see it, anyone daring enough to use the logo below deserves your participation. It’ll make pinching a loaf all the more satisfying.


~ by zactopia on August 9, 2011.

One Response to “One girl No cup”

  1. I don’t get it. Where am I supposed to send my shits to? They don’t give an address! Major fuck-up by the writers of that spot.

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