Only the best byproducts will do

Contradictory signage is the best. This is a scientific fact.

Here’s why:  two opposing messages on the same sign (or neighboring signs, like these) create instant tension, and tension is what makes funny, well, funny—particularly when the humor isn’t intended.

The problem—and delight, from my perspective—with contradictory signs is, at least part of the messaging is a bald-faced lie. This makes observing said sign all the more compelling, even if you don’t believe a damn word of it. Take the oxymoronic sign below (photographed through my none too clean windshield).

Of course, I love a good chicken pancreas (who doesn’t), but “supreme” just ain’t the right way to describe it.

Signs like this make you wonder, “How the fuck did the shopkeepers make this mistake in the first place?” Obviously they were too close to the messaging to see the patently obvious error in syntax. But didn’t they perhaps think to ask someone else’s opinion—like maybe before handing the words over to the sign maker or ponying up all that scratch for a fancy sign?

Judging by the cornucopia of absurd signage in the world, apparently not.

Lucky for us, their folly makes for great signage. And great signage makes the world a more interesting place.

So thank you, idiots.


~ by zactopia on August 9, 2011.

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