I can see the music, man

Ever been on mushrooms and imagined you were inside a guitar looking out, recording strummed guitar strings with your mind?

Neither have I.

But that’s sort of what amateur guitarist Kyle Jones does here—except instead of his mind, he’s using an iPhone. And instead of being on mushrooms, there’s a good chance he just ate some celery (note:  the latter statement is based entirely on a dubious hunch).

But the part about recording guitar strings being played from inside the guitar is totally true. And what Kyle captured on digital film is a lot like watching stuff move when you’re on mushrooms…or so I’m told.

Check out this trippy shit, yo:

Is that wavy amplitude modulation really what strummed guitar strings look like? If you’re a digital camera with a rolling shutter, yes. If you’re not, then no.

To explain:  most digital cameras don’t actually take a picture the moment you hit the button. What they do is scan over a frame either vertically or horizontally (depending on the shutter). Which means not all pixels are recorded at precisely the same time, and some parts of the frame have to catch up with others. Hence the term “rolling shutter.”

At the normal speed of daily life, rolling shutters are fast enough to recover so you can’t hardly tell the difference. Should you endeavor to capture an object moving faster than the shutter, however, the shit gets distorted. In a good way. Like the guitar trip you just took, as well as the groovy image below.

Thanks to my commie foe Daniel for hacking into his own email account to send me an exact replica of the link to this guitar video, all under the guise of his real name. Nobody ever suspects the truth.

by dint of PetaPixel


~ by zactopia on August 23, 2011.

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