Men at work

Dank u, Wieden + Kennedy New York, for repeatedly making Monday Night Football adverts way more entertaining than the actual games.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy MNF as much as the next football fan. But the commentators try too hard, the commercial breaks are obnoxious (yes, I see the irony) and the whole contest usually just ends up an overhyped blowout.

That said, here is W+K’s latest salvo of pigskin-hawking awesomeness, directed by Ulf Johansson:

(shit, getting the phrase “shoot it in the face” in a TV spot is a victory in its own right)

Agency:  Wieden + Kennedy New York
Client:  ESPN
Creative Director:  Stuart Jennings, Brandon Henderson
Copywriter:  Dave Canning
Art Director:  Cyrus Coulter
Producer:  Jenny Hollowell
Executive Creative Director:  Scott Vitrone, Ian Reichenthal
Director:  Ulf Johansson
Director of Photography:  Andrzej Sekula


~ by zactopia on August 23, 2011.

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