How to shoot yourself in the foot

Name your company “Creative Wood,” then represent it with signage that’s neither of the two.


~ by zactopia on September 26, 2011.

One Response to “How to shoot yourself in the foot”

  1. I submit to you, sir, that it is entirely possible that not only is that sign made of wood, but the building the light post, and the cars as well. Ever since I saw Wendell Castle’s “Ghost Clock”, which is carved entirely from one chunk (including the “sheet” that appears to drape over the clock and the “string” that appears to tie the “sheet”), I just don’t trust anything to not be made of wood anymore.

    According to a documentary film that I once watched, there is only one true way to find out if an item is made out of wood. And that way is to place it on scientific scales opposite a duck. Unless and until you have a photograph depicting the Creative Wood building (including sign), lightpost and cars on one side and a duck on the other, I suggest you keep your wild accusations and outlandish assertions to yourself, lest you inadvertently engage in slander and defamation.

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