Unintentional kitsch

Two separate pieces of signage going on here, both of which amuse me to pieces and could easily warrant their own blog posts.

However, since I caught them both in one fell snap of my digital film camera, the planets have aligned to give you a twofer. Huzzah!

Let’s start with the foreground (i.e., Un-towing), then move back and to the left.

Am I the only one who doesn’t understand what Un-towing means? What would be the opposite of towing? Pushing? Maybe it’s just a fancy, pithy, ass-backwards way of saying, “We push shit for coin”? If so, I could use a good, sustained shove. But I’m not willing to pay for it. So there’s the rub.

From a color perspective, I don’t understand the need for 6 different colors on the building, each with its own distinct stratum (including white as a color here, because it fucking is).

Looks kinda like they started painting, ran out of desire or scrilla, and were all like, “Hey, we got ‘towing’ up there. Let’s go huff some more keyboard duster until we fish out.”

Typographically, it’s quite painful as well. Mixing the serif and sans serif = bad idea (at least, in this instance).

Then there’s “We do: kitch.” In a word, brilliant.

In quite a few more words, I’m wondering which came first—the window or the paint job? Obviously they meant to say “kitchens,” but how did it all go down? I like to pretend they simply misspelled “kitsch,” which would be a nifty niche market to corner.

Does the gaffe undermine their constructional abilities? Yes.

Perhaps it’s a show-don’t-tell way of saying, “We don’t do painting, asshole.” One thing’s for certain:  the colon is a masterstroke. It subtly hints, “We don’t do grammar either, fuckwad.”

O, the wonderful world of word fragmentation.


~ by zactopia on November 2, 2011.

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