Better watch out, or I’ll drink the snot out of you

My wife is 28 weeks pregnant today. So we bought one of these:

How demented is that?

Gotta love how saying this is made in Sweden makes the fetishistic-looking image okay. Their blithe, circular smiling faces, as mom sucks out baby Sven’s brains through a straw.

I get the concept. Clearing an infant’s nasal cavities of mucus, a/k/a aspirating, is vitally important. And apparently you lose your ability to be disgusted by bodily fluids when you have a kid. And—let’s be honest—that’ll probably be me on the supping end in about 4 months. But man, is it disturbing to gaze upon. I suppose you have to give them credit for not skirting around its purpose, like so many toilet paper and tampon brands do.

Wonder if there’s some mildly disturbing compulsion for certain women—maybe new mothers, maybe Swedish lesbians—to sneak around, knocking back baby snot from random newborns in public places. All those latent childhood yearnings to eat boogers finally coming to fruition. Yikes.

Someone please alert the DSM-IV board. And buy your snotsucker here, before they’re banned.


~ by zactopia on March 29, 2012.

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