Maybe the lion ate your baby

I get why this woman is laughing, I really do.

Just look at her precious little offspring sitting in front of the Lion exhibit at Oregon Zoo in Portland, gleefully soiling himself whilst donning an outfit not unlike a tiny zebra. And then here comes this kooky cat, trying vainly to pounce on her boy and rip his little throat open. How adorable, right? Doesn’t that fucking idiot lioness know about plexiglas?

What I don’t get is why this is considered funny.

Why don’t I think it’s funny? Because an unnaturally selected human pointing and laughing at one of the planet’s most highly evolved predators for following its instincts—without a shred of fear or respect—is, well, tragic. Add 4 million+ who’ve since made this encounter a viral phenomenon, and man’s reverence for nature has indeed taken a hit.

I mean, why respect nature when you can simply control it, right?


~ by zactopia on May 8, 2012.

One Response to “Maybe the lion ate your baby”

  1. “almost not cool” ??? hey babe… it is DEFINITELY NOT COOL. Idiots.

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