The spoon is mightier than the pen

At least, at the delectable Wharo Korean BBQ in Marina Del Rey, CA (for the unfamiliar, that’s in the City of Angels, en route from LAX to Santa Monica).

Now, I’m all for nontraditional message placement, like this spoonvertising here touting the restaurant’s weapons-grade, cruelty-free tofu.

What I’m baffled by is when the message is delivered.

See, the plastic spoon comes out scotch-taped to the pen you sign your credit card receipt with, after the meal has been served.

Call me daft, but I feel that knowing Wharo only uses homemade organic tofu would be infinitely more useful before you order, not after you pay.

Perhaps it’s a ploy, a Buddhist mind trick to get a bigger tip—you know, a little self-affirmation on the off-chance that you ordered something with tofu in it.

Maybe a smokescreen to distract you from the fact that they use non-compostable plastic spoons—inasmuch as they waste them on pointless, artless messages.

Perchance a ballpoint pen theft deterrent.

How about ironic social commentary?

Or is it just black market code for “we give handjobs and harvest tourists’ organs in the back”?

Whatever it is, it’s not working.


~ by zactopia on October 19, 2012.

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