The immensity of a single letter

Were it to read, “PATRIOTS,” I’d probably fist bump you (went to Michigan when Brady was QB there—so back off, haters).

As it is, however, I think you’re one creepy, god-fearing scoundrel.

And so does Samuel Johnson.


I mean, wouldn’t just a flag have sufficed?

Seems redundant and forced to put all that shit on your rear windshield, so I have to fucking stare at it during traffic. Why do you try so hard? What are you hiding?

Thanks to your creepiness, every time you cut someone off or forget to use your turn signal, the driver behind you curses America then Jesus, in that order.

So, message fail. And why I judge thee.

Caught through the pollen-smirched windshield of my trusty truck en route to work yesterday. Not that anyone gives a shit.


~ by zactopia on March 1, 2013.

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