The penis of the animal kingdom

There’s phallic-shaped, and then there’s banana slugs—which, after stepping over one too many in Stern Grove, San Francisco, I’m quite certain evolved from the discarded genitalia of eunuchs from ancient civilizations.

Check it—they’re even circumcised:


Who knew Banana was a Jewish name? It’s like someone (I’m not gonna say who [hint:  Jesus]) deliberately omitted the deeds of Rabbi Bananawitz from the annals of Jewish history.

Or perhaps circumcising apprentices practice their handiwork on slugs before they go pro and graduate to human babies? (I mean, how the fuck else can they hone their craft?)

Either way, the resemblance is undeniable. Just look at this herd of banana slugs. It’s like a tiny yellow penis brigade.



~ by zactopia on April 17, 2013.

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