A metaphor for weird

That’s precisely what this recent commercial for Samsung Galaxy 4 is.

Straight outta Reykjavík, holmes.

Featuring fondled apples, dancing ninjas, otherworldly topography, morbidly obese livestock and two false endings, it’s truly a festival of uncertainty:

The optimist in me wants to believe it is I who am wrong, that of course this Icelandic interpretive dance makes perfect sense. I need only traverse the cultural chasm and channel my inner Björk to understand it.

The realist in me, however, knows this is one of the most retarded commercials ever put to film. The imagery simply defies rational thought.

And the messaging—”Sími sem skilur þig,” which means “Phones that separate you” in Hopelandic—isn’t doing it any favors, either. Separate you from what? Logic? Reality? Fruit? Your wife? The space-time continuum?

Maybe with a payoff line like: “Samsung Galaxy 4. The closest you’ll ever get to being on peyote,” it might begin to make sense. But even that line is a blatant over-promise.

Lastly and perhaps just as curious is the fact that it’s scientifically impossible to hate this commercial. It’s just too bizarre and nonsensical. Of course, you can’t really like it, either, for exactly the same reasons. It’s almost perfectly balanced between attraction and repulsion, as only an Icelandic idea can be.

Don’t believe me? Just look how equally divided the like/dislike ratio is, after more than 5,400 votes.


Just short of fascinating, eh?

What’s more, it reminds me of this creepy psychedelic Nimoy classic from the 60s:


~ by zactopia on September 2, 2013.

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