Paula Deen’s nightmare

If there’s any justice in the world and Food Network actually has some meaty balls, it would hand this woman a fat contract and a cooking show without hesitation—and then not change a damn thing about it (except maybe give the show a snazzy opening sequence or something).

Not because this woman, Felicia O’Dell, aka “Auntie Fee,” is a rare culinary talent or drips with sensuality. Au contraire.

Not because hiring her would more than make up for the anti-abolitionist Paula Deen fiasco.

And not because this is the network’s big chance to finally reach that elusive epicurean gangsta demographic.

It’s because I’ve never seen a more effortlessly entertaining, no-nonsense, nonfictional cooking show in my life. Just so much to like about these videos. Check it:

Then this:

To be sure, there are a handful of sanitation and overall nourishment issues that may need to be addressed, but fuck it. That’s part of the show’s charm. This is South Central LA Gastronomy 101; so backdafuckup with your first-world hygienics and uppity foodie standards.

What’s more, I’d say the dubious nutritive value and fat content of Fee’s dishes are more than rivaled by Paula Deen’s coronary concoctions (and the majority of what Food Network airs, for that matter).

Trust me, even though Fee’s dishes may opt for lard over truffle butter, your arteries won’t know the difference.


~ by zactopia on August 11, 2014.

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