Who am I?

Having traded stocks for just under 34 months at the turn of the millennium, Zac is entirely responsible for the dot-com meltdown. He has never successfully been trapped in drawstring pants, but it is a lingering fear that he grapples with daily. Zac doesn’t enjoy talking about himself in the third person, so I’m going to stop doing it abruptly. I went to undergraduate in Ann Arbor, MI (screw you, Buckeyes) and subsequently journalism grad school in Athens, GA (up yours, Gators). Then after that whole stock market unpleasantness, I went back to portfolio school in Atlanta, GA to become proficient at this lovingly sordid, yet oh-so-necessary brainwashing we call advertising. Now I attend the school of Planet Earth (not those other loser planets, though, except maybe Neptune) as a Senior Copywriter—and no, that does not mean I draw those litigious C’s with circles around them.

Also something mildly interesting about me is that I quite like interacting with animate objects, and sometimes even people. Yeah, people. However, if you want to find out more about me, you’ll have to invade my personal cyberspace (zbombadil@yahoo.com or simply dash off your comments into the blogosphere) and poke me with a pointy cyberstick until I talk. But that may not be so easy. I lurk in the shadows, and I used to wrestle in high school. Once you get to know me, though, I’m not too bad—except for the wildly distracting facial tics. And they only get bad during full moons. And Tuesdays.


One Response to “Who am I?”

  1. Dear facial tic man…. I have had the privilege of seeing your tics take on a sophistication, a complex, harmonious, co-contraction of muscles that innervated by multiple cranial nerves, including the facial nerve, which supplies the muscles of facial animation, the glossopharyngeal nerve that effects contraction of the throat muscles, the trigeminal nerve that supplies the masticatory (make sure you spell that right) apparatus, the hypoglossal that super-charges the tongue in times of need, and the oculomotor, trochlear and abducens nerves, which move the eyes in concert, but in an equal but opposite direction, to head movement. When you are in tic heaven it’s like watching a symphony of Mozart orchestrating the alternation of activation and inhibition of musculature above the neck. As the song goes, “No one does it better.”

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